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 SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

What is Search Engine Optimisation and why would I need it?

Simple Search Engine Optimisation is where a search engine, the main one being Google, finds you when someone searches for a specific term you supply, either a product, service or information.

It’s important to be found in a Crowded Marketplace.

We approach this in several ways to make sure it is effective for your business visibility.  We want to make sure you are seen when someone looks for you.

Please take a look at the case study below.

Case Study – Landscape Gardener Bedworth


We redesigned a new site, the old site was homemade and wasn’t Optimised for searches. 

Once the Website was established we went to work on the SEO. 

We identified the most common phrases that customers were searching for. These being Landscape Gardening Coventry and Landscape Gardener Coventry. These were the two key phrases we wanted to be found with as we know from historical data that they were key to the offering of the services the client offered.  The search volumes were high and we knew that it would generate business for our client. 

We made sure the content on the website was clear and concise regarding these search terms and went to work on making sure that when they were searched for they were found. 

I can’t tell you how we actually did it but I can tell you we achieved what we said. Although this client no longer needs the two search terms we established him to rank for, he is still ranking on Page 1 of Google for them both. We are currently in the process of getting him ranked for his new area of Bedworth and have already after a month established him on Page 1 of Google for Landscape Gardener Bedworth (Number 5) .

So what impact has this had on his business? 

When someone searches for a specific term like Landscape Gardening Coventry they are looking for your services. We know this because we see the area they are searching from and also on what device. Our software tells us about specifics even before we go to work on your search terms. So we know when we are getting it right because the figures show us. From our data, we can see that there have been 104 searches to there website between 01 October 2018 to 01 Jan 2019. 

This client has had many higher paying sales due to his website being found and has never been busier(his words not ours).  They have even employed extra staff to cater for the increase in demand. 

This wasn’t a get rich quick scheme it was a strategic implemented SEO plan that our client let us do the work on. 

They are now reaping the rewards of paying for good SEO and are recovering our monthly fees more than tenfold regularly. 

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